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I'm Kevin Ashcraft, a computer programmer and amatuer radio operator in Auburndale, Florida. Welcome to my website! There are many others out there, but this one is my very own, and there's not much here but I still call it home :)

I've also got a blog, and a tutorials site if you're interested.

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Computer Programmer

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I am a Linux administrator and feel at home in the command line. I grew up programming in other operating systems, but once I started with Linux everything came into place and the different parts of the system, networking, browsing, scripting, files and databases, all met at one prompt. Now everything from the home router to the server hosting this site is powered by the Linux kernel.

I am a database administrator and enjoy managing large armounts of data. If Linux is where the whole computer ecosystem came into place for me, then the database is where programming came into focus. Everything is about the data.

On wild Friday nights I like to import massive csv files and draw nifty graphs, and when I daydream about the future it's about when I finally get to start playing with MLlib. Not really, but close.

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I am a full-stack developer and create complete applications to manage and analyze data from the server infastructure toe the frontend. The web browser has become a great interface for the database; it's verstile, working on every system, and as limitless as the data it displays, able to draw interactive graphs, animations, and games..

I appreciate good markup and have been leaning more towards server-side js recently, but it all started with php.

Amateur Radio Station

My callsign is KM4FPA and I'm a net control station for the Eagle Net on the NI4CE repeater system. My primary radio is an Icom 7100, with a Yaesu 8900 for mobile, and Baofeng's filling in the gaps.

My favorite part of the hobby is making antennas. I've spent the past few years stringing up different wires and building masts, doing my best to keep my backyard clean while continuing to experiment. It's an ellusive challenge because there are so many designs to try and possibilities.

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Native Floridian

I've been born and raised in Central Florida and went to the University of Florida.

Here theme parks are a way of life and the beach is always close by which is good because it's summer almost all of the time.

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