Kevin Ashcraft

Computer Programmer

Hello World

Welcome to my website! I'm Kevin Ashcraft, a computer programmer and amateur radio operator in Auburndale, Florida.
You can find some of my code on Github, and some of my mania on Twitter. I've also got a blog.

Getting Started

This is the 10th time, at least, that I've made this website. Learning something new, trying to beat Google's Page Speed test, getting busy with a paying project, all have caused previous iterations to be fatal. So this time I'm working with a new premise: start small and increase momentum.
This is a basic one-page setup built with my favorite tools (for now) and we'll see if I get the time to come back and add in the blog, some images, and a bit of js.
Until next time, have a cool day and thanks for stopping by the site.

Around the Web

You can find me on most sites with the username kevashcraft.

Most of these accounts are unused, but I figure the list could be helpful for some seo.